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About Us

About Us

In 2015, the idea of luxury limousine service in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area was born. Working several years in this business for other companies reinforced our desire to give a rise to something more unique. What sets us apart from other companies is family like relationship with our customers, safety, prompt responses, last minute accommodations, neatness of our vehicles and most importantly fair treatment of our employees. We are very supportive of multi-cultural environment and treat with respect all cultures, nationalities, race and gender.

We view each of our customers as individual, not a number. We will go out of our way to accommodate customer’s journey as desired. Whether it involves assistance with carrying and checking in luggage at the airport or being able to allow customer to attend their meeting in another state on time when their flight has been cancelled, we have all necessary resources, experience and kindliness to accommodate any requests. In addition, we offer the most comfortable transportation options for our customers with the disabilities. 

Our chauffeurs are highly experienced individuals with strong work ethics.  Our company offers competitive pay, vacations, rotating hours. Our chauffeurs are always alert, energetic and ready to provide our customers with the most wonderful journey.


Extraordinary Experiences

Co-founder and CEO of BL limousine, Mr. Boris Lovrić saw the opportunity of opening and investing in his company to set an exemplary luxury limousine transportation company in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. As a perfectionist and an experience chauffeur himself, Boris recognized that he would like to offer his customers more elegant, more neat, more safe and more mindful experience compared to other companies in the area. 

His focus is to deliver the most wonderful service to his customers and at the same time to treat his employees with respect. Boris was introduced to the world of cars earlier in his childhood helping his dad in garage. There he learned how to keep cars spotless and in good running condition. The most common compliment that Boris received as a chauffeur is how clean and fresh his car was.